Marshfield’s premier shared
luxury office space

  • Rent space by the month—no long-term lease required!
  • FREE utilities, Internet, printing, coffee—even FREE office supplies!
  • FREE use of desks, conference rooms, diner, and other common spaces!
  • Located Downtown near post office, plaza, banks, and restaurants!

Focus on your business.
We’ll take care of the rest!

Enjoy a Professional, Luxurious Office Space
Where Your Business Will Thrive!

Every entrepreneur in Marshfield has a unique story. Did your talents as an attorney, accountant, writer, or builder lead you to start your own business? Did you expand the family business by opening a new location in Marshfield? Did you have a brand new idea or an improvement on an existing idea?

However your dream began and wherever it has taken you so far, YOU are the most essential ingredient that makes your business successful. And it’s critical that you work in a professional office space that allows you to be creative, productive, and focused.

Welcome to the Blodgett Haus Office Community! Here, we’ve created an office environment where individuals and small businesses thrive.

The Blodgett Haus Freebies Save You Time and Money

This is it. The big one! I’ve got an idea that will absolutely change the world. Just gotta write it down . . . Oh darn, pen’s out of ink. Office supply store, here I come. Back now. Shoot . . . what was that idea again?

Saving money by having supplies on hand at no extra charge is nice, but saving time and staying focused may benefit your business even more!


FREE Printing. Each month, your membership includes up to 50 pages of color and up to 500 black-and-white prints from our business-quality printers. This includes free paper and free ink! (Additional prints are available for an extra cost.)

FREE Coffee. Our fully stocked coffee bar features several nice blends of coffee, a huge variety of teas, cream, sugar, honey and more!

FREE Internet Connection. Connect to the Internet with the convenience of Wi-Fi or with the speed of a hard-wired Ethernet connection, included in every office.

FREE Utilities. No need to pay for gas, electric, sewer, water, cleaning, snow shoveling, or lawn care. We’ve got that covered.

FREE Office Supplies. Paper, notebooks, paperclips, pens, staples—all the office supplies that seem to run out at the most inopportune times are available onsite at no extra charge. No more time-wasting trips to the office supply store!

FREE Use of a Desk. No need to drag in that heavy awkward desk! Each office space comes equipped with a luxurious desk made of real, solid, stained wood—not pressboard!

FREE Use of Conference Rooms. Need a more private area to meet with clients? Feel free to reserve one of several conference rooms, including the upstairs Board Room, which is one of the nicest conference rooms in all of Marshfield!

FREE Use of the Diner. The break room, affectionately called “The Diner” because of its 1950’s malt shop design, comes fully equipped with silverware, dishes, microwaves, refrigerator, dishwasher, and cable TV. It also has great counter space for office party “pot lucks!”

Boost Professionalism, Productivity, Efficiency . . . and Fun!

Shared office space or “Coworking” was first developed in larger cities where space is scarce and rent costs are prohibitive. However, the concept quickly grew in popularity because of the exciting and productive work environments these spaces created. Now, more and more shared office spaces are becoming available in smaller towns.


  1. Make a Good Impression in a Professional Setting

Does your industry, client base, or sanity require working in a professional-looking office? A shared office space offers a professional alternative to meeting with clients at home or in coffee shops.

  1. Avoid the Commitment of a Long-term Lease

Does committing to a long-term lease scare you? What if you need more space in the future? Less space? Different space? The Blodgett Haus Office Community provides the space you need now— with the flexibility to move, expand, or downsize if your needs ever change.

  1. Save Money

Like many small business owners, are you on a tight budget? Renting a private office can be expensive. In addition to rent, you have the cost of furnishing the office, buying office equipment, paying utility bills, cleaning the space, and paying contractors to address any necessary building maintenance. With Blodgett Haus, everything is included for one low monthly rate.

  1. Improve Time Management

Does your work-at-home environment leave you distracted by kids, pets, neighbors, delivery drivers, televisions, kitchens, and your “to-do” list? Many professionals transition to shared office space to keep these distractions from turning eight-hour workdays into twelve- or fourteenhour workdays.

  1. Find More Clients Through Frequent Networking Opportunitie

Are you looking to increase your client base? As neighbors in a shared office environment collaborate, network, and exchange ideas, they often refer clients to each other as well. Even your fellow Blodgett Haus members are potential new clients!

  1. Enjoy More Social Interaction

Does working at home or in a solo office space make you lonely? Imagine the water-cooler conversations you could have with other small-business professionals who understand the challenges you face every day.

  1. Reduce Stress

When you work at home, is it hard to turn off the computer, relax, and focus on your family? Some work at-home professionals feel guilty if they aren’t working all the time. It’s much easier to leave work at the office when you actually have an office to leave!

  1. Focus on Your Business—Not Maintaining a Building

How many precious workdays have you lost because you were cleaning your office, calling the plumber, or otherwise working on non-productive building management tasks? In a shared office environment, you can stay focused on what you do best—and leave the building maintenance to someone else!

There’s no doubt: A shared office space can help you boost professionalism, productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, fun!

What Common Areas Can Blodgett Haus Tenants Access?

As a Blodgett Haus Office Community member, you get a designated open or enclosed office where you can work comfortably on your computer, make phone calls, and grow your business. But your membership doesn’t end with your personal workspace. In fact, that’s only where it begins! Every Blodgett Haus member receives access to the luxurious common areas where you can meet, greet, and socialize with your clients.

Entryway Seating – What a great place to greet your clients and guests when they arrive at Blodgett Haus!

Common Tables – Available for impromptu meetings with colleagues. Also a great workspace for assembling presentations.

Coffee Bar – Fuel up before your next marathon meeting.

Conference Room – For meetings and presentations that require a little more privacy.

Board Room – Arguably the nicest meeting place in Marshfield!

Breakroom – great for lunch and office parties, with cable TV for watching the news or stock report.

Five bathrooms – Two upstairs, and three on the main level, including one that is wheelchair accessible.

Exterior signage – Advertise your business to the 10,000-plus cars that pass by Blodgett Haus every day.

Who Benefits from a Move to Shared Office Space?

Anyone looking to save money, save time, and be more productive in an exciting, professional, creative, collaborative, and luxurious office environment will benefit from a move to the Blodgett Haus Office Community.

“Work-at-home” professionals. Are you ready to make the leap and establish a more professional office environment? Blodgett Haus helps home-bound entrepreneurs feel less lonely, establish a more upscale image for your company, and give you the ability to establish a better work-life balance.

Those ready to ditch the traditional office. Feeling a bit claustrophobic? Some people can focus better all alone in an office with four walls closing them off from the outside world. However, most who have experienced the exciting atmosphere of a shared office space like Blodgett Haus would never go back.

Contractors. Is your office currently located in the passenger seat of your truck? Imagine working in a professional space where you can make phone calls, complete paperwork, answer emails, and meet prospective clients to review bids and give them confidence in your work.

Business start-ups. Are your dreams big but your budget small? At Blodgett Haus, you’ll save time and money—two resources that are very precious when starting a new business.

Those opening a branch office. Ready to dip your toe into the Marshfield market? Blodgett Haus will help you establish a professional footprint in Marshfield without committing to a longterm lease until you know you are successful.

Those who currently work for hours at coffee shops on a regular basis. Have you ever felt like you overstayed your welcome working at a coffee shop or restaurant? Enjoy your office space at Blodgett Haus without feeling obligated to buy a coffee every half hour just to stop the barista from giving you dirty looks.

Accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, and other professionals. Do you frequently meet one-onone with clients? Blodgett Haus provides an atmosphere that will help you make a great impression with every meeting or consultation.

MLM representatives. Are you part of a multi-level marketing company such as Avon®, Amway®, Mary Kay®, or Pampered Chef®? A professional office at Blodgett Haus will help you make a strong impression on new recruits as you expand your customer network.

Bloggers and other Internet professionals. Does your online occupation give you the flexibility to work anywhere you want? If so, why not choose a space where you can work alongside other focused professionals who can help spark ideas, energize you, and provide companionship and conversation.

Telecommuters, freelancers, and anyone else looking for more excitement and productivity at work. There truly is no other office space in Marshfield that offers the kind of work atmosphere you’ll enjoy at Blodgett Haus.

Great Location for your Clients—and for You!

Unless you are new in town, you’ve noticed the incredible revitalization taking place in Downtown Marshfield over the last few years. Property and business owners are restoring their buildings’ facades. More restaurants and retail stores are opening. Professional service businesses are clamoring to snap up the remaining few available rental spaces.

Blodgett Haus Office Community gives you the opportunity to join this new wave of economic development happening right now in Downtown Marshfield. This premier shared office space is located near many complementary businesses that support you as you work and play, including:

Wenzel Family Plaza. Just across the alley behind Blodgett Haus is the new Wenzel Family Plaza where people of Marshfield gather for concerts, farmers markets, ice skating, and other exciting events. Also, it’s a great place for eating your lunch on a beautiful summer’s day.

Restaurants. Need to grab some quick Chinese, pizza, pasta, soup, or sandwich for lunch? Or want to impress a client at a place where the chef juggles knives and cooks food in front of you? If you’re not brown-bagging it today, the Blodgett Haus is surrounded by many of Marshfield’s favorite restaurants.

Banks, Library, and Post Office. Only one thing stands between Blodgett Haus and the post office—a beautiful stroll through the plaza. Also, a short walk takes you to Associated Bank, BMO Harris Bank, State Bank, the police station, and the Everett Roehl Marshfield Public Library.

Shops. The most unique shops in Marshfield are located in the city’s downtown. They are perfect if you want to woo a client with a special gift or surprise your spouse with a birthday cake or some fresh flowers you pick up after work.

Other Professional Services. Need a good attorney, accountant, or financial adviser? You can visit many of these Marshfield professionals without even starting your car!

Choose an Office Plan That Meets Your Needs and Budget

Single Open Office

With a Blodgett Haus Single Open Office, an L-shaped desk gives you plenty of workspace to configure however you like. Each solid-wood desk features a keyboard pull-out plus several lockable drawers to secure your confidential information. In addition to your private office space, your plan also includes coffee, Wi-Fi, and printing access, many office supplies, and more. Plus, you’ll get access to the conference rooms and other commons spaces. You get all the perks of working in a shared office community with a space you can really call your own.

Double Open Office

With a Blodgett Haus Double Open Office, you and your partner each get a desk, and you both enjoy all the benefits of a Single Open Office listed above. But since you and your partner share the private office space, you get a discount.

Enclosed Office

Blodgett Haus features several Enclosed Offices that provide more privacy and confidentiality. Start with one desk included for each person, and then customize your space with your own chairs, tables, desks, and furniture to fit your unique needs and company culture. In addition to your private office space, your plan also includes coffee, Wi-Fi, and printing access, many office supplies, and more. Plus, you’ll get access to the conference rooms and other commons spaces. Bringing your team into an Enclosed Office means you get all the perks of working in an office community while being able to close off your private space if you desire.

To learn more about Blodgett Haus and to schedule your FREE personal tour, call 715-570-7024.

Blodgett Haus Office Community
222 South Central Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449